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  • Package bee pickup is scheduled for April 10-13th
  • The difference between a package of bees and a nuc is that the package is an artificial swarm with a young mated queen.  A nuc is a miniature hive which usually comes with an older queen and drawn comb.

    We always suggest people start with no less than two hives or packages. This allows you to use one hives resources to support another if needed. 

    3lb Package Bees


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    Installing the Package

  • The first time installing a package of bees can be a frightening and stressful experience. The day you pick up your package, I will do a demonstration on how I install packages.
  • I will explain the different ways that packages can be installed and answer any questions you may have. When you leave with your package I want you to be confident and comfortable with your ability to install the bees.
  • Please ask any question you have so I can explain the process. I will do the package installation demo as many times as necessary.
  • Support: Please feel free to call me if you are in doubt. Most times I can answer your questions over the phone, from your description.
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