Order your 5 frame Nucs! $200.00 pickup only....... Pickup dates TBA

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  • This is for a 5 frame Nuc of bees with laying queen, worker bees, drawn comb, pollen and honey installed in your honey bee hive.  A Nuc is a miniature hive which usually comes with an older queen and drawn comb.

    We always suggest people start with no less than two Nuc hives or packages. This allows you to use one hives resources to support another if needed.
    Order availability dates are subject to weather condtions. We are expecting a Late April availability and will notify all buyers as the pickup dates get closer. 

    5 Frame NUC of Bees


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    Nucs are miniature hives

  • When I sell a nuc, I like to get your hive and install the bees. After I put them in your equipment they can sit a few days, so I can make sure the queen got moved and is doing OK. I like to see that she is laying before you pick the nuc up. This also lets the bees settle into their new home, and they will be calmer when you come to pick them up.
  • The equipment you need to bring to me per nuc purchased:
  • 1 Bottom board.
  • 1 hive body with 3-5 frames (depending on an 8 or 10 frame box)
  • 1 top cover
  • 1 entrance reducer
  • 1 rachet strap (to hold it together during transit)
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